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13. august 2012 at 8:49 | Michiko |  MICHIKO.
H E L L O.

How are ya?

but now, about the -END- .

I wanna end with this blog. I don't know if this blog helped someone of u, sixth guns. But I hope that yes.
Hope you liked this blog.

let me say GOODBYE dear sixthguns!


all DIVISION previews

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all previews from DIVISION



credit - oh my gazette

IBITSU full radio version

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full radion version download


ARENA37 September2012 scans

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scans by rawkstarr23 | lj

ROLLING STONE (Japan Edition) SEPTEMBER 2012 scans

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source - rawkstar | lj


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Live report


- Aoi rubbed his hand in between Reita's legs during Kantou. He did the same with Uruha too.
- Ruki brushed slightly Uruha's neck, then he stroked it and rested his arm around it.
- Uruha touched Ruki's shoulders so Ruki touched Uruha's hands.


- Aoi: "I love you!!"
Fans: "kyaaa"
Aoi: "ah… That was a lie ♡ !"
- Ruki: "I don't want to go away from you, I won't make you go home!" and he pointed to the side
Fans: "kyaaa!"
Ruki: "I love you"
Fans: "kyaaaa"
Ruki: "Don't tell it around, shhh"
while talking he was touching his hair -which were very flowing-, his knees became red and he was laughing embarrassed.
Reita: "If I tell to the staff 'hang in there for tomorrow' it would be like a defeat to us. Let's get wild like today is the final, destroying everything!!!"
- During the MC because of the wind Ruki's shirt inflated and a bit of his tummy could be seen.
Ruki: "I think it's a good thing that I managed to love even old songs."


- Durking Kantou, Ruki was crouched while cheering fans and Uruha from behind gave small strokes at his head.
- During Kantou, Uruha squirted water to Kai who tried to avoid it while playing.
- Uruha shouted "Com' on!!" during Kantou.
- Aoi threw a kiss.
- Kai's hairs were floating softly when the air came from under him.
- During Linda there were problems with the bass and the sound didn't come out. Aoi realized it and told it to Reita who probably didn't understand and kept smiling so Aoi called the staff and Reita started getting worried, in the end the sound came back.
- During the double encore Aoi went to the mic, cleared his throat and fans were like "!?!?" but then Aoi didn't say anything and went back to his side of the stage.
- Uruha seemed in a good mood since the beginning of the live.
- After Shiver, Aoi went to the side of the stage where the staff was and the staff was lightening him with a flashlight under his clothes.
- During Nausa & Shudder they all gathered around the drum and Kai smiled widely.
- During the double encore Reita didn't have only the black bandana but a piece of cloth around his forehead too.


SHOXX vol.235 songs interview

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SHOXX vol.235

DIVISION songs interview

>PART 1<

>PART 2 <

DIVISION audio previews

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It's fuckin' great, isn't it?

check it HERE

Ongaku to Hito September 2012 preview

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September 2012
RUKI preview

source - kaze - pon |tumblr

「GROAN OF DIPLOSOMIA 01」tour schedule poste

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thanks to @___MEGUMI

-the GazettE- 「GROAN OF DIPLOSOMIA 01」tour schedule poster source : @___MEGUMI

Aoi on BUZZ ROCK radio pic

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this week's mamitasu ♪

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今週のマー、ミー、タースーですよ♪( ´▽`)

this week's mamitasu ♪( ´▽`)

Sixth Guns wearing the hooded towel in a-nation.

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Sixth Guns wearing the hooded towel in a-nation.

photo from :

A-Nation Set List

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A-Nation Set List :

Filth In the Beauty

Encore :
LINDA ~Candy Dive Pinky~

source: A__Starr__ | twitter

Aoi on BUZZ ROCK radio 7.30 translate

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translation here


Aoi on BUZZ ROCK radio 7.30 pic

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oh sorry I am late with this photo...

Had you watched DIVISION’s SPOT? It’s cool...

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"Had you watched DIVISION's SPOT? It's cool! Tho I just watched it for the first time just now I got shocked (^_−)−☆ Release will be nice!DEATH"

- official_aoi


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DIVISION spot download

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thanks to GazettEEurope



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Rock and Read ameblo : The release date of RR43 will be at 8/29 because it's the release of DIVISION! The cover will be the leader, Kai. Rock and Read ameblo&#160;: The release date of RR43 will be at 8/29 because it&#8217;s the release of DIVISION! The cover will be the leader, Kai.

Girl who sings for the GazettE

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HIROMI is know for her voice in Filth in the Beauty.
She released new single.

There is one her video. Her voice is really good ne~

IBITSU radio ver. download

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thanks to Oh my GazettE for upload.


(radio version)

download mediafire HERE