July 2012

IBITSU radio ver

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the GazettE - 歪 IBITSU [Radio Version]

Aoi on BUZZ ROCK radio 7.30

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GIVENCHY http://lockerz.com/s/229051253 -RUKItheGazettE


DIVISION Disc 2 -composers-

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SHOXX Vol 235's Interview

Zepp fukuoka ~ from live

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  • Aoi and Uruha were on the stand at the center of the stage during Akai One Piece, Aoi moved closer to Uruha and kissed him near his ear and Uruha smiled widely.

  • Reita took Uruha's guitar and put it on Uruha himself.
  • Ruki: "I thought Fukuoka was hot and you are embarrassed instead? But when we'll start playing, you'll get hot! Are you embarrassed people?" - Fans: "Yess!" - Ruki: "Are you hot people?" - Fans: "Yess!!" - Ruki: "You are both!" *laugh*
  • Ruki: "I can't hear your voice!! Are you embarrassed?? Embarassed people, raise your hand!" -some fans raised their hands- Ruki: "I'll punch you! I want to punch you! So.. what about not embarassed people!" -some fans raised their hands- Ruki: "So few!"
  • Reita -since fans were a bit dull- said: "Someone show me what you got!" - Fans: "Ok!!" - Reita: "So.. people with the yellow bow!!" and pointed the crowd - Fans "woooooooooii!!" - Reita: "Good, and now show that to Kaikun too!" - Fans: "ok!!!" - Kai: "Good, can you do it now???" and started cheering fans as always.
LIVE [in general]
  • Uruha finally said something during the WE.
  • Uruha, Kai and Reita came out first for the WE. Since Aoi wasn't coming out, fans started to call him like a chorus. Then Uruha pointed at the part of the stage where Aoi was and said: "the others are there and watching us." So Reita played 'Stand by me', but even when he finished playing, the other didn't come out so fans burst out laughing. When finally everybody came out, Reita went near Aoi and whispered something to his ear and fans got excited.
  • Aoi didn't speak but he didn't seem in a bad mood since he was smiling. Some fans said it seems he wasn't feeling very well (physically).
  • During Doro Darake's intro: Uruha started dancing, copying the furi and raising his leg, but when he noticed that Aoi and Reita were doing it differently, he corrected himself.
  • Kai's mic turned over during Psychedelic Heroine and he couldn't do the chorus.
  • Kai was waving his hands like fans, with a big smile on his face.
  • There was a mirror ball during Uruha's solo during Calm Envy, fans looked at the mirror ball and ignored Uruha's solo.

Zepp Fukuoka Setlist

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Zepp Fukuoka - 27/07/2012

02. Sludy Cult
03. Akai one piece
04. Psychederic Heroine
05. Shunsetsu no koro
07. Sumire
08. Calm Envy
09. Vermin
11. Filth in the Beauty
12. Discharge

E1. Ride with the Rockers
E3. Doro Darake no Seishun
E4. Ruder
E5. Linda~candydive pinky heaven~
E6. Kantou dogeza kumiai

WE1. Anata No Tame No Kono Inochi

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DIVISION twitter trending project

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DIVISION trending topic

Tag : theGazettEDIVISION
Time : 29th August, 12:00AM (JST)

The tag mustn't be changed, nor tweeted before 29th August or it will be banned as spam. And you must tweet something besides the tag as well just for the same reasons.


FOOL´S MATE September cover

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PSP 1800 Vol.1 : RUKI X SHOU

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credit - thegazettefans
PSP 1800 Vol.1 : RUKI X SHOU

Second live @Osaka Zepp Namba

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  • During Hyena: Ruki hugged Uruha's shoulders, did the movement of cutting his neck and then bit his arm.
  • During Hyena: Ruki moved his hands around Uruha's hips who was moving them.
  • During Haru ni Chirikeri solo: fan could see Uruha's nipple (they were…

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Osaka Zepp Namba - 25/07/2012 setlist

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(not official)
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02. Clever Monkey
04. Agony
05. Sugar Pain
06. Akai Kodou
07. Ganges ni akai bara
08. Shiroki yuutsu
09. Guren
10. Hyena
11. Sluggy Cult
13. Discharge
15. Filth in the Beauty

E1. Ride with the Rockers
E2. Akai One Piece
E3. Haru ni Chirikeri, mi wa kareru de gozaimasu
E4. The $ocial riot machine$
E5. Ruder
E6. Linda~candydive pinky heaven~

WE1. Kantou dogeza kumiai


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fuckin perfect photo, isn't it? *_*

Osaka Zepp Namba live

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  • Uruha rested his forehead on Reita's shoulder and rubbed it like a cat on his shoulder, so Reita hugged Uruha's head, holding it.
  • Reita and Kai were hugging each other when they got out for the encore.
  • Ruki hugged Uruha from behind and kept singing.
  • At the beginning of the live…


  • "It's hot!"
  • "your fierce heat… (enthusiasm)"
  • "listen… Uruhakun "
  • "you are wearing a really comfy outfit, eh *laugh *"
  • "it's our first time on this stage, it's Zepp….? NAMBA!!*laugh*"
  • "What's the…
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The first day of Osaka is over. Thank you to everyone....

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"The first day of Osaka is over. Thank you to everyone that came. Lets do it again tomorrow zzz"

- RUKItheGazettE

translate by theGazettE_USA


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Currently the GFC Store offers goods for the GazettE's LIVE TOUR12-HERESY PRESENTS- "HETERODOXY", whereas the sales period had been scheduled until August 5th (Sun). We are here to inform you that the period has been changed to July 31st.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding.
Please have a look while the goods are still available.

Sales Period: Until 07/31 (Tue)


SHOXX vol. 236 ~

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We took photos and interviewed the GazettE for the next issue!!

Next issue will become cooler and more stylish!!!
It will released on 21st August!!!

And this issue is on sale now!!!

@Shoxx official

SHOXX vol.235 scans

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I didn't post it yet? aaa gomen !!
Let's do it now.


Cucumber Devil

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Cucumber Devil

I: What does "CUCUMBER DEVIL", which appears in the lyrics, mean?
Ruki : That is the devil of the cucumber.
Reita : That's such a cute devil!

source: duckytranslations|blogspot

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DIVISION Disc 1 -composers-

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>DEPTH, Displosomia and 歪 ( ibitsu ) by Ruki

>籠の蛹 (kago no sanagi ) by Kai

>ヘドロ ( hedoro ) and 影踏み ( kagefumi ) by Uruha

>余韻 ( yoin ) by Aoi

From SHOXX vol.235


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SHOXX vol.235 previews

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whole article

Admin's new blog

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Hi !

I created a second blog.
It's about me and my obsession (the GazettE of course).
This blog is mainly in CZECH language.

u can visit it


Thank you !!!

the GazettE HETERODOXY PAMPHLET Q&A translation - Kai

19. july 2012 at 13:38 | Michiko |  Interview

  • When you take a break during rehearsal or live rehearsal, how do you spend your time? If there are some funny facts, please let us know. There are only super boring facts and talks. But it's something that occurs since a long time. Isn't it awesome? *laugh*Q:
  • Q: What's the thing that you do everyday and can't help not doing it?
    A: I practise, even if not every day.
  • Q: Tell us something about every other members that you like.
    A: Everyone of them is original and they have really interesting sides as persons.
  • Q: If you think "aaah I'm getting old too", when doest it happen?
    A: After a live?
  • Q: It's been a long time since you are with the others, are there sides that changed from the first time you met? For example, an interior side, things that you like or habits, since everything is fine I'd like to know if there's something that changed more than others?
    A: Sometimes tastes and habits change, but speaking of nature, no one changed.
  • Q: Which is the thing that it's dearest to "you" as member of the GazettE?
    A: Being a member of the GazettE.
  • Q: The fact that you could never forget during your 10 year activity with this band, please tell it in a positive and negative point of view.
    A: Positive: our first live at Budokan. Negative: when I got a song wrong and I had to stop.
  • Q: Among the members, besides things related to the band, are there discussions or quarrels?
    A: Nope. Even about things related to the band, we never reached quarrels.
  • Q: Before lives, when you scream to cheer you it's cool, but what are you saying?
    A: The intention is to say "FIGHT!" *laugh* Can't you hear it? *laugh*
  • Q: Is there a food that you eat a lot in this period? Is there something you are obsessed with?
    A: Proteins.
  • Q: What are the GazettE pointing at?
    A: The band, it's the only thing.
  • Q: I think that you are really busy every day with tour preparations and recording, what do you cook usually at home? And which is your main course? (^O^)
    A: There is.. pasta and other.
  • Q: Which is the thing you are craving the most?
    A: A new PC.
  • Q: Among the GazettE's songs, is there one in particular that you think it's excellent?
    A: Personally, I like Hyena.
  • Q: What do you do during your day off? Moreover, do you meet up with other members in private?
    A: We almost never meet up in private. During my day off, I sleep..
thanks to gazetteeurope|tumblr

the GazettE HETERODOXY PAMPHLET Q&A translation - Reita

19. july 2012 at 13:36 | Michiko |  Interview

  • What's the most expensive thing you've bought recently? Maybe the car..
  • Q: What kind of part time job did you do?
    A: Packing in an industrial bakery. I was very famous for my ability.
  • Q: You are busy all days now, during this period, what's the thing that -according to you- relaxed you, let you caught your breath again or distracted you?
    A: Playing games.
  • Q: Among all lives you did until now, what's the place that hit you the most?
    A: Iwate's live house. Because the electric power failed.
  • Q: What's one thing that you discovered and surprised you recently?
    A: I quitted smoking, time passed by and cigarettes price was higher than I expected. I heard that from leader. Isn't it that leader is smoking?
  • Q: Who scares you the most?
    A: Inside the horrorkei is Aoi.
  • Q: Please tell us the live that is printed in you memory the most among the ones made until now and the reason.
    A:Maybe our first time at Budokan? Because it was a quite hard tour.
  • Q: Among your songs, which is the one that you love the most?
    A: Chijou.
  • Q: Among the GazettE's members, who is the most nervous?
    A: Maybe the leader?
  • Q: Can you tell us if there were interesting talks among the members that made you burst out laughing or laughed the most? (within the bounds of decorum *laugh*)
    A: An artistic picture in which leader was screaming, we didn't use it in the end though.
  • Q: Keji was born on the 6th of June and you called him Keji on occasion of Mutou.. so what is the origin of Osuka's name?! Please tell us!!
    A:: Regarding the origin, the seller told me that maybe it was a male, but it wasn't certain. So Osuka. ('male' can be said in japanese 'osu' and 'ka' is the interrogative particle so the name 'Osu-ka' means more or less: Is it a male?)
  • Q: What is the place that every member like?
    A: I go out immediately if I don't like a place.. mmh a place I like? All!!
  • Q: Your favorite motto?
    A: Things will get fixed. (be o get?)
  • Q: In your private live, you go out eating together or shopping?
    A:I don't actually do it. Maybe it happens during the tour.
  • Q: What kind of perfume do you use? (^O^)
    A:I don't use one.
source - thegazetteeurope|tumblr

the GazettE HETERODOXY PAMPHLET Q&A translation - Aoi

19. july 2012 at 13:35 | Michiko |  Interview

  • Which is your most embarrassing moment until now? I don't think it's something to be told on purpose to people.
  • Q: You are with the GazettE for 10 years, are there things that you would like to take as example and make you dignified?
    A: Maybe there aren't. Because we are different from each other so the meaning we give to 'values' is different. If we think about things with the same sensibility, I think it will be a boring band. On the contrary, I think there's no need to say "make you dignified".
  • Q: Is there something that's worrying you?
    A: How the band will go on from now. It's the only thing I'm worried about. Because who can predict their own future? You can't see it, can you? Honestly, it's scary and there are times when I'm distressed.
  • Q: Aoi-san, how much do you like us fans?
    A: As much as a sausage that I can hold between my index fingers in front of my eyes. I'm joking, eh!
  • Q: Please tell us, which are the outfit, make-up and hairdressing you liked the most among all your outfits and the reason.
    A: Maybe the TOXIC one, because I could move easily. But both make up and outfits are chosen by us. I like them all.
  • Q: Beside of the GazettE, if there was something you could do with an ability, what would it be?
    A: Maybe a bar? It's fine a good pairing too… I like handling with people showing how I am. However, since I want to preserve a kind of sense of distance in certain bonds, I'd like to do customer service.
  • Q: Do you like girls with short or long hair?
    A: Both. Short and long are both fine.
  • Q: Which events made you laugh recently?
    A: Maybe when I'm with friends?
  • Q: If fans organized something to surprise you at home, what would you do for them?
    A: At least, I would offer tea.
  • Q: What do you have to do at any cost when you arrive at a live house?
    A: I greet.
  • Q: If you had to do a session band with your kohais or other PSC company bands, which role would you have and who would you invite?
    A: Everyone is fine and any role is good for me.
  • Q: In this FC tour, what kind of appearance are you going to show to fans?
    A: I'd like to show a cool look.
  • Q: What kind of atmosphere is there during meetings for song's choice?
    A: We are detached and we smile. Lately, there is a quite peaceful atmosphere.
  • Q: What is the thing that relax you the most?
    A: Mhhn. I don't know for others. But for me, I'm relaxed when I'm at home.
  • Q: What do you want from fans?
    A: This is a hard question.. that you behave like always? Because I'm really grateful to you and you're really nice persons. Instead, I want to say just one thing "I entrust you like always". *laugh*
Thanks to thegazetteeurope|tumblr

the GazettE HETERODOXY PAMPHLET Q&A translation - Uruha

19. july 2012 at 13:34 | Michiko |  Interview

  • Which is the scene that got stuck in your heart until now? Tokyo Dome live.
  • Q: If you wouldn't be a part of a band, which job do you think you would do now?
    A: I don't know why but I think it will be something in which I have to handle machineries.
  • Q: During your day off, how much time do you play instruments more or less?
    A: There are moments during which you play and other during which you don't play at all.
  • Q: Apart from the band, what is the happiest moment during which you do something?
    A: When I drink wine?
  • Q: During your free time in tours, you do tourism or something?
    A: Sometimes we do.
  • Q: Is there a moment that touched you the most until now?
    A: This is something that always happens.. Playing songs created while doing our best and then reaching the final, I'm always moved by finals.. it's like there's something that piles up inside of me. As long as this circle exists, I think I won't be able to hold my emotion.
  • Q: You all seem really busy, but do you do something to keep your body strength?
    A: I go jogging.
  • Q: If the Gazette's members had to run the 100 meters, how would the ranking be?
    A: I don't know, but I'm sure I'll be first.
  • Q: Which is the chord you like the most? Mine is CSUS4.
    A: I don't have the conception I can like a chord itself.
  • Q: Did you see the solar eclipse?
    A: I saw it wearing 5 pairs of sunglasses.
  • Q: Is there a song that rise your tension when you listen to it or that you listen when your tension is high? (*´∀` *)
    A: Why Try from LimpBizkit.
  • Q: How many earrings do you have?
    A: 9.
  • Q: If you could change just for once, beside your part (guitar) which position would you like to have?
    A: Drum.. be able to drum.
  • Q: Uruha-san, in an interview at the question "which alcoholic drink do you like?" , you answered "sherry"". Which is the alcoholic drink you like the most recently? Can you tell us one suitable for girls too?
    A: Lately I like red wine.
  • Q: Can you tell us something bad that happens to you when you drink alcohol?
    A: If I drink too much, then I can't remember anything.
source - thegazetteeurope|tumblr