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SHOXX vol.233 KAI

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"We interviewed and photoed Kai(the GazettE). He wanted…'adult-like',so it was great that his clothes and hair make-up differed from usual. We asked him about 『DIVISION』as their new full-length album. It will be in vol.233 (released on 21st May)!!"

- SHOXX_official

newest and previous goods

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Really good shop!!

“At this hour, being alone makes me wanna cry ....

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"At this hour, being alone makes me wanna cry and I'd like to rely on someone else. That's why I hate being alone. Writing these things.. it only seems that I'm seeking attention and I hate that too, but I'm not the type of person that can restrain himself and in the end I write. For this reason I always behave coolheaded and I play around. I have even that. I hate when I became annoying. In the end.. I end up avoiding the first recording day."

- official_aoi

Uruha is mine Bitches!

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Rock N Read 041 [SCANS]

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Ruki - Decade live

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Favorite Parfume

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Reita: Then about what happens to Keiji during tour, the truth is, he's being taken care of by the dog Ruki-san raised, Koron.
*roars of laughters*
Kai: So he's there! *laughs*
Reita: They are getting along really well, like jumping and hugging.
*roars of laughters*


Rock n Read 041 samples. URUHA

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Rock n Read 041 samples.

Tatsurou of MUCC on the back cover.

Even if an endless sadness steals you away。。。。

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Even if an endless sadness steals you away
say your heart won't get separated (from me)

the GazettE designs

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• GemCerey
•Ruki's Abnormal [EYE]dentity
•Reita's Snaked Lows
• Aoi's TAUJAN

Credits - psychopathicdevil on tumblr

Catastrophy for Uruha

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lol It makes me smile!

楽しかった Friday 13rd

14. april 2012 at 17:51 | Michiko |  MICHIKO.
It was friday, 13rd!!
And We had a party~
Party hard lol~
飲みました!I drunk so much hehe~

ところで、btw、It's me and my best friend~

Ehm,we are really crazy! 


It's all my friends,thank you for reading !!! thank you very much.


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I love this man ~


DRUM recording has ended ....

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Ruki of the GazettE tweeted that the DRUM recording has ended and is fumbling with the sound quality. One line exceeded completely.

Uruha RR Preview

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“You get hurt. But at the times you want to cry。。。。

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"You get hurt. But at the times you want to cry, face the sky and scream in a loud voice 'I want to be as I am'."

- Ruki, "the GazettE"

Reita: My zippos and perfume!

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My zippos and perfume! I use a different one everyday. I got them, all thanks to you fans out there!

souce - oh my gazette

BLACK MORAL goods for the next tour

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BLACK MORAL goods for the next tour


1. Ah btw, about the BM goods for the next FC tour. We're going to sell new and old FC tour goods, don't miss out on it!
2. It's different from the normal tour goods lol

source- oh my gazette


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Design name: バーストピック [Pick Burst]


woman in the PLEDGE

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FuFuu the GazettE

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