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I don't even know where to start. It was amazing. I was pretty close to the stage. Got a lot of goods, and I wish I had the money with me to get more, because I totally would have gotten one of everything if I could have. xD

Seeing the GazettE was so surreal. I still can't believe they were right in front of me. In the same hall. I didn't want it to end, of course; I could have gone on all night.

Ruki was amazing. He wore that black suit with the sparkly bits on it. During My Devil on the Bed, he walked around the stage, twirling that awesome cane he had in a fairly recent photo shoot. He also straddled the guard rail a few times. Typical. During the second part of the live, he went down into the center arena on both sides of the stage, spraying the fans with his water bottles, blowing water on them, and throwing the water bottles into the crowd.

Aoi's hair is pink again. correction: red. I can't see.
There weren't too many stage antics. I wasn't able to see a lot of it because I was headbanging like a crazy motherfucker. I'm laying on my stomach on my bed, and I can't even keep my head up; it's being supported with pillows. kekeke But oh my god. It was brilliant. The lights were so fun to watch when I was able to see them.
My favorite song from tonight was UNTITLED. I love that song in the first place, but tonight it was even more gorgeous. Ruki brought a candle and set it down on the stand in front of him. There were blue and yellow/white lights shining on him from his right. On the screen in the back were these gorgeous lights circulating. I have something to say about Ruki. That man has gorgeous vibrato. I fucking love the way he sang and harmonized tonight.

OMEGA DVD - will be released May 9th, 2012
and a bunch of other fucking awesome things that made me freak out that I don't quite remember. I'm going to that 10 year anniversary live in March. GOING. And I am going to join the fan club so I can actually get tickets, and get center seats. I will leave off here now. If anybody has any questions about the live, feel free to message me. I'll post photos of the goods I got tonight later on.
Oh my GazettE

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