December 2011

GazettE's New Year's Eve Party

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Gazetto's New Year's Eve Party~

So last night, when Aoi (and Byou & Rui from SCREW) went to Sadie's live and tweeted (a very suspicious tweet) using Mizuki's account, Kazuki from SCREW had to stay in the studio. He must have felt sad for being left behind, so he tweeted "Nee Kazu-kun, come here by Ta-su- & Mijuki". Mizuki replied this tweet (I think he kinda laughed at Kazuki's desperateness) But then, in his blog, he said he'd had dinner with Aoi-nii-san (Kazuki likes to call Aoi that) and a staff from the company, this was at December 28th, so the night before Aoi went to see Sadie's live. They had yakiniku. So that wasn't Aoi using Kazuki's twitter account. That was Kazuki being sad in the studio and hoping he could join the fun. That's a little story about last night's event. Anyways, it seems that Aoi is spending his holidays with his juniors.

In the mean time, Ruki is planning to have a New Year's Eve party. He mentioned Lyu (from Modern Pirates) & Hishinuma Masato (from Deep-End) TMR (Nishikawa Takanori = T.M. Revolution) wanted to join the party too, but he is having a New Year Event himself.

And Uruha spent most of his time at home, creating songs.

→Oh my GazettE

My smile is for them ~ ♥

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Aoi used Mizuki & Kazuki's twitter

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Aoi tweeting from Mizuki's Twitter
→ Nee, Mi-kun? Turn this way♪ by Aoi

Aoi tweeting from Kazuki's Twitter
→ Nee, Kazu-kun? Come over by Super Star & Mijuki (;´д`)

Ruki: My high school girlfriend and I broke up because I cheated................

30. december 2011 at 11:26 | Michiko |  Interview
Ruki: My high school girlfriend and I broke up because I cheated.
Ruki: Damn, I have cheated!
---(laugh) !
Ruki: Then once I lost her I understood. Like, "Ahh, that was a great girl".
---Then, what would you do if you and your friend both liked the same person?
Ruki: It's never happened, but if it did, I would ask my friend if he liked her or not. Then if he said he did, I would give her up.
Ruki: I put my friends first. No matter how much I love someone.
---Friendship first, huh.
Ruki: Of course. Because I hate men or women who pick love over friendship.
---You're finally sounding more like a guy.
Ruki: No, I'm always guyish (laugh).

→Oh my GazettE

Kai: "Ruki's so cool!"

28. december 2011 at 20:19 | Michiko |  Interview
Kai: "Ruki's so cool!"

Kai: OK. Next letter! Radio name: ... How do I read this?! Kurobikarisu? lol- Oh! Kuro ni Hikaru. "It was raining at your Fujikyu live! I think its Aoi's fault! He's the rain-man! Thanks to him, I got a cold. Not funny man." Rain man?! I've had this chat before. I've realised that it always rains on our live-days. I dont think it's Aoi's the rain man tho! It's been on our mind lately. We even checked among the members, who was and wasn't there when it started to rain. And we came to the conclusion that it wasn't among the Gazemembers but... maybe we have lots of rain-men in our staff, you know! So it's not the Gaze-members fault if it rains OK! Hmmm...I think the band members agree with me on this. And it's definitely not Aoi! A lot of people say Aoi's the rain-man but I must disagree. Hmm... Hehe.. And about your cold... Get well soon, OK! When it rained Ruki said "Can't really help it. Let's just have fun.Things like this is proof that we don't live in a dream" Ruki's so cool!

→oh my gazette

Brazil and South Korea

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Brazil & South Korea~.

Kai: I'll read the next letter now! Radio name: Nacchan."I've realised that the number of overseas fans attending Gazetto lives is increasing!" Ooh! "I've been wondering about the overseas fans and how many of them came to Japan to see Gazetto's lives. Loots of overseas fans came to Gazetto's outdoor live @ Fujikyu Highland. And for that live, my seat was next to a Brazillian gazefan. That person was really rocking it out along with all of us, I was really touched. A person from halfway across the globe from us came to see the GazettE perform- I was really touched once more. We come from different countries but we are both gazefans. My heart was overflowng with emotion. I guess this is all thanks to the internet." Yes, I've realised that too. The fact that we're getting more and more overseas fans coming over to Japan to see us perform. The overseas fans. It seems that they come from everywhere, all across the globe. Maybe our Europe tour was the start of it all. But *nervous laugh* somehow we're getting lots of Brazillian fans coming over too. We got lots of presents from fans at the Fujikyu live. We got this present from, somewhat like a representative of the Brazillian fans. It was like a collection of letters from Brazillian fans. It wasn't just loads of letters, they made it into a notebook. There were some language mistakes here and there tho *nervous laugh* But reading it, I just felt that they really, really know the band, GazettE. They used simple Japanese and simple English. But we understood what they wanted to convey to us. It was a great piece- but seriously there were lots in there! If the opportunity comes, we'd like to go there- to Brazil. Err- I don't think we could go somewhere in the near future yet but we'll hold on to that idea for later, okay. We've been thinking about going to South Korea too. If we come accross the opportunity to do it, that is.


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All PS COMPANY FCs operations will be on hiatus from 2011/12/29 (Thu) ~ 2012/1/4 (Wed) for winter holidays.

All operations will resume on 2012/1/5 (Thu).

PS COMPANY apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

→Oh my GazettE

I heard you were quite popular back in highschool, Kai.

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I heard you were quite popular back in highschool, Kai.

Kai: For Valentines, I received 1 piece of chocolate from the girl I liked, and 20 to 30 pieces of chocolate from the other girls...

→Oh my GazettE


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-- While this is a song which reminds you of such tale or scene, the given title is [UNTITLED]. What's the reason of not giving it a definite word?

RUKI: I've thought of some. But I couldn't find the appropriate word to name this. I thought, if that's the case, then I rather make it untitled and even express the drifting sense of nothingness there.

-- Personally, how the scene changes from [MY DEVIL ON THE BED] to [UNTITLED], then continuing to the next [PLEDGE], I like the line up of these three songs. With the exception of these three songs, there are only strong musical composition about the society. From these three songs, the real love condition exceptionally tastes strong.

Uruha: Ah, the flow right. From SEX to the romantic night sky (laughs).

Reita: Then in the next [PLEDGE] you vow on love (laughs).

Aoi: There's man and woman drama, right~.

the End

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A song in which all the members of the band says a verse~.

Ruki says "theory"&"liberty", Aoi says "free"&"raise", Kai says "treasure"&"past", Reita says "fuck"&"money" and Uruha says "stand up"&"alien"…

K (Born) and Aoi

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from K's blog

the GazettE’s xmas cards~.

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the GazettE's xmas cards~.
one year old~
1 ruki
2 uruha
3 aoi
4 reita
5 kai


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Aoi with guys from SuG~

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Aoi with guys from SuG ~

Chiyu's tweet :
( Aoi-san join us ♪ BORN team also is here for takoyaki party(^-^) Btw, this is Aoi-san's hand (lol))


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SHOXX Vol.228 scans

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credits - gazette daily @livejournal

Write a sentence with words starting with まつたけ。[SHOXX Nov 2004] Aoi

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Aoi: Wait… I forgot to bring some money!! Please. May I borrow some of yours ♥

Write a sentence with words starting with まつたけ。[SHOXX Nov 2004]

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Uruha: Even if I can IOU or eat at McDonalds for free. The police will be involved.

---What dramas or movies have you seen lately?

23. december 2011 at 16:55 | Michiko |  Interview
---What dramas or movies have you seen lately?
Reita: It's a foreign drama, but "LOST". I've only seen the first season, though.
Ruki: Eh~?
Reita: People get pulled in by puzzles. We want to know why something turned out the way it did.
Kai: But you didn't want to watch it at first.
Reita: I really didn't want to watch dramas that continue so long. But then I wondered if that itself was what was interesting about them. And it was. With LOST and Prison Break.
Ruki: I like Prison Break. I also definitely didn't want to watch long dramas. I thought, "Just stop already". It's so long, and there was also a second series...but then when I watched it once when everyone was watching it, and I completely got hooked on it. To the point that when work was over I'd go home and watch it instead of sleeping, and go to work the next day like that. I don't think of it as a drama as much as a huge movie.
Uruha: I like "Blood Diamond".
---Leonardo DiCaprio was in that one, right.
Uruha: I watched it because my sister recommended it, though.
Reita: Isn't it kind of rare for you to listen to your sister?
Uruha: She told me about it after we had done something that had to do with jewlery. I thought she was tricking me, but I watched it and it was soo good. It really made me think.
Kai: I saw "The Prestige". I love movies with a twist, so I was really looking forward to it, but I looked forward to it too much and I was kind of disappointed...
Aoi: I...don't have anything~

AOI shoxx vol.228 preview

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Long-distance relationships as a student

22. december 2011 at 11:48 | Michiko |  Interview
Long-distance relationships as a student

Reita: But speaking of long-distance relationships, the specialist is Kai-san.
Kai: Hey! Wait a second!
Reita: No one can surpass Kai-san in this.
Ruki: Master of long-distance relationships.


MY BEST 5 - Uruha (Gazette)

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MY BEST 5 - Uruha (Gazette)

No.1 LIMP BIZKIT "Cobra Gold" Interscope
No.2 NICKELBACK "Here And Now" Roadrunner
No.3 Ill Nino "Dead New World" Victory
No.4 SKRILLEX "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites " Mau5Trap
No.5 ADELE "21" XL

Uruha also talked a bit about the album from Limp Bizkit at the end of the article.

MY BEST 5--麗(the GazettE)


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"The truth is, the steps in the original melody is deeper than this. But there, Kai said, "This is not a song a human can play." (laughs), so we slowed down the speed a little."

- Ruki

Aoi with HIZUMI (D'espairsRay)

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via @visualkei_oyaji

visualkei_oyaji :
Last night, without any appointment, Aoi dropped in to the company. Since it was too sudden, I was shocked! And then we called HIZUMI also without any appointment, and when he showed up on the entrance, since they looked so much like each other, we laughed. Even though it was their first meeting, everybody got excited very quickly.

Oh yeah! WE ROCK !!

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hehe Kai's lol gangsta face :D

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the GazettE Official Site update TV

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the GazettE Official Site update :


Date : 23 December
Time : 3:05AM~4:05AM (JST)*
※FUJI TV is on KeyHoleTV

Massive Vol. 4 PREVIEWS

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