July 2011

Takeru wanted one popsicle, but Aoi got him 50.

31. july 2011 at 19:55 | Mika |  Aoi Gallery

(the popsicles Aoi gave to Takeru)
Takeru wanted one popsicle, but Aoi got him 50.

CREDITS: angeliquekitty | tumblr

東京恐い! Aoi_theGazettE

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"Well how should I put it, approximately 90% of my friends are all married, seems like I missed that train uh! On that respect, Tokyo is scary."


AoiのTHEME - 3. Family

31. july 2011 at 12:36 | Mika |  Interview
nterviewer: Please tell us who is in your family.
Aoi: My father, mother, older sister, older brother, and me.

Interviewer: Are the ages between you and your siblings very far apart?
Aoi: They are. My sister is nine years and my brother is six years older.

Interviewer: What makes you like being the youngest?
Aoi: I don't really know myself, but it seems like even if my dad gets mad at my brother and sister, he doesn't get very mad at me (laugh). He told me, "At least go to high school.", and I did go, but even when I quit after one term, he didn't say anything to me.

AoiのTHEME - 2. Love

31. july 2011 at 12:35 | Mika |  Interview
Interviewer: What are you like when you're in love?
Aoi: I'm always careful (laugh)

Interviewer: I think that men and women are careful about different things, so what are you careful about?
Aoi: Everything (laugh)

Interviewer: So do you like girls who aren't that careful?
Aoi: No? Because I'm careful around everyone. Though I don't know how it would be after being together for 10 or 20 years.

AoiのTHEME - 1. Friendship

31. july 2011 at 12:34 | Mika |  Interview
Interviewer: Are you the type of person who has a lot of friends?
Aoi: No, I don't think I am.

Interviewer: Has it always been that way?
Aoi: Not exactly. I think when I was in school everyone was friends with each other. So basically I just stayed with the crowd. There were three middle schools in my town, but the grade you were in didn't matter, and for the most part neither did the school you went to. Everyone had known each other since they were little, so we all called each other by our first names instead of last names.

Arena37°C June 2011 THE KIDDIE

31. july 2011 at 12:07 | Mika
♥ Yuusa´s hair are cool ♥


Arena37°C June 2011

31. july 2011 at 12:05 | Mika
Alice Nine´s scans from Arena37°C June 2011
Enjoy ♥


Happy BDay > NAO <

31. july 2011 at 12:02 | Mika

お誕生日おめでとう >NAO<

( ̄▽ ̄)

Kai...my sun ♥

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isn´t cute?

Screw thank you

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SCREW Thank you! *bow*


“aoi with bon: cra-z” played two songs by hide

30. july 2011 at 17:11 | Mika |  News
"Aoi with bon:cra-z" made a special appearance on KIRA KIRA ☆SUMMER ☆ TYPHOON Tour 2011 yesterday, 28/07/2011.
According to reports from people who were at the event yesterday, "aoi with bon: cra-z" played two songs by hide, "Beauty & Stupid" and "ever free".

aaa ♥ T_T

--What's your current worry?

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--What's your current worry?

Ruki: My sofa bed is broken.

CREDITS: KagamiChubbyChan | facebook

Heart of Gold info,Alice Nine new look and PV full !

30. july 2011 at 17:06 | Mika
new single "Heart of Gold" which will be released on September 7th, 2011!

Heart of Gold Limited Edition -Type A-
1. Heart of Gold
2. Ray
1. Heart of Gold Music Clip
2. Heart of Gold Making Film

Heart of Gold Limited Edition -Type B-
1. Heart of Gold
2. Ray
1. Heart of Gold Multi Angle Ver.

Heart of Gold -Regular Edition-
1. Heart of Gold
2. Ray
3. Haikara Naru Rondo (another version)

sakra ty videa blbnou..... tak adresu máte ještě tady :P

12012 -TATTOO lyrics

30. july 2011 at 16:21 | Mika

Ne kono sekai de umare ochi te nani no tame ni ikiru no ?
Mou unmei nara ba ukeireyo u donna asu ga otozureru tomo

(Groan of pain) kokoro ga sakeru musabetsu na kizu itami ha fukai tsumeato nokoshi
(Key word) itsuka no kimi ga wasure ta itami ga samayou kokoro deguchi o kakushi teru
Wasure nai

Kurikaeshi nagareru namida ayamachi wo kizamu TATTOO
Asu wo ikiru chikai kome te kizamikomu shizuka na ai no TATTOO

(Blind hold) mie nai furi wo shi te ta sonna genjitsu ga
Asu wo yugame kimi wo hitori ni suru
(Glow up) konna nichijou ja taikutsu sugiru daro ?
Mekakushi wo hazushi te kakugo wo kime ta n da
Glow up tomorrow

Yurusa re nu ayamachi ni naki uzuki dasu akai TATTOO
Asu ha kitto warae masu you ni nure ta hoo shizuka na ai to TATTOO
Mada kimi ha itami masu ka ?

Everlasting kore ga kimi no yasashi sa de nikushimi sa
Everlasting kono itami ga nemuri ni tsuku sono hi made

(Groan of pain) dare mo ga me wo fusai de i ta shinjitsu ga hakkiri to kao wo dashi ta
(Groan of pain) ta jinji no you ni azawarau yatsura ga kyuu ni so
(Groan of pain) kizutsuki taku nai kizutsuke taku nai minna jibun ga taisetsu de
(Groan of pain) jibun wo mamoru n da

Kurikaeshi nagareru namida ayamachi wo kizamu TATTOO
Asu wo ikiru chikai kome te kizamikomu shizuka na ai wo

Moshimo kimi ga mayou toki ni ha tsutae tai kono kotoba
Asu ga kitto warae masu you ni ashita ga zutto warae masu you ni

I don ' t forget this pain all the time.

REALies - NuAGE download

30. july 2011 at 16:15 | Mika
naprosto jsem si je zamilovala ^^ ♥
hlavně D.O.P.E

[Maxi-Single] REALies - NuAGE (13.07.2011)

HappyBDay Maya ♥

30. july 2011 at 16:07 | Mika

>>意誕生日おめでとう、Maya << ~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)

If you had 3 wishes, what would you ask?

29. july 2011 at 14:20 | Mika |  News

Ruki: Give me the money, love and my dream accomplisser
Uruha: I want to make my parents happy. I want to see the northern lights. I want to Doraemon's pocket.
Aoi: Give me a Mac! I want to be happy / enjoy this time even more. Make everyone happy.
Reita: I want a laptop. I want everyone to know Gazette. I want to love vegetables.
Kai: Silver, I want a "Dokodemo doa". I want to return to the past
translate to czech :
Ruki: Dejte mi peníze,lásku a moje sny .... nevim co je to accomplisser
Uruha: Chci dělat mé rodiče šťastné.Chci vidět polární záři. Chci Doraemon´s pocket.
Aoi: Dejte mi Gumu *?* CHci být šťastný / radovat se více. Dělat všechny šťastné.
Reita: Chci laptop. Chci aby všichni znali GazettE. Chci milovat zeleninu *xD LOL to je taky moje přání*
Kai: Střibro, Chci "Dokodemo doa" *manga*. Chci se vrátit do minulosti.

90 000 followers

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Aoi má víc jak 90.000 followers na twitteru ♥
I wish yu this ♥

Yes,I have sex with Uruha !!

29. july 2011 at 13:56 | Mika |  Aoi Gallery
Konečně je to venku :D
já z toho nemůžu

A time when you really wanted to cry

29. july 2011 at 0:50 | Mika |  News

Kai: This is about the day I got a reply about joining the GazettE as a member, but actually, the next day there was a live, and suddenly Ruki tells me, 「Play the drums tomorrow,」 and I was frantically trying to remember the songs. As expected, on that day, my heart was pounding. When even the fans said, 「He's so pitiful,」I cried.
Aoi: It seems like it's been printed in several magazines, but when my mom said,「Good luck,」 to me over the phone, I kind of cried...that's to say, I did cry.
Ruki: When I went on tour, I left my bike in my hometown's parking lot, and after a while, when I returned, it had disappeared. On that day, I was about to return home in tears. Somehow, I couldn't tell my parents the truth, and I lied and said,「I lent the bike to a friend.」But there was a day when my parents said to me,「Lend us the bike,」 and, right away, I lied and said, 「I lost the key,」then they said,「Since there's a spare key, give us the spare,」 and I ended up having to tell them the truth then, and they were so pissed...the next day my parents went to the police and came back and said, 「The bike's there.」 When I saw it, I was fumbling, and when I saw the number plate...I cried at that time too.
Reita: There was a day when I thought, "I'll drive today," and I went to the neighborhood parking lot, but I saw that my car's 4 tires had been stolen. I went to the police, but when the policeman in charge just gave me an 「Hn?」 and had this indifferent attitude, I was so mad that I wanted to cry.
Uruha: When I was in elementary school, and we had an early-morning marathon, for some reason, we snuck into a sporting goods store to play. When we did that, the store employee found us, and called our parents. At that time, when I saw my mom's tears as she cried and apologized, I also cried. I didn't want to see my parents' tears ever again.

A time in your youth that you can smile about

28. july 2011 at 22:33 | Mika |  News
Uruha: As I get older it feels like my innocent smile fades. Now, looking back to my elementary school days, I feel that I laughed at some things innocently.
Ruki: In high school during the school commutes, for some reason there was a determined vehicle for every student. Our school was in the first car. I would go from one place to another in my neighbourhood while wearing my school uniform. Those were the kinds of things I do around that time, and it was a refreshing sort of fun. Those are the memories of my youth.
Reita: I've gotten pretty stiff, but in the past I was pretty flexible and I'd imitate those weird positions of mollusks just to make everyone laugh. Uruha laughed to the point his stomach hurt. Making weird postures and being able to make everyone laugh, to me, were good times during my youth.
Kai: Spending time with everyone in the GazettE are definitely my funnest and happiest days. Which is why my youth is now.
Aoi: There's no doubt that I am having fun right now. But in my junior high days, arguments and stuff like that--just going about experiences in an innocent way. Those were the days that really make me smile.


28. july 2011 at 16:20 | Mika |  News
mizuki_sadie: In the restricted section of the fan-club site there was a picture of a naked somebody, with another naked somebody … (lol)
Aoi_theGazettE: No, wait a minute! I thought we said we were going to forget about that thing on that day! … You promised you were going to pretend like nothing happened!
mizuki_sadie: B-but … it is a picture I want to show everybody … lol
Aoi_theGazettE: (*´ω`*) (comment) this conversation was all fictional.
credits: Aoi_GazettEeng,Oh my GazettE
myslim že anglicky umí každý,nebo přeložit to :P

Aoi with bon:cra-z

28. july 2011 at 16:13 | Mika |  Aoi Gallery

【aoi with bon:cra-z】
phone strap charm


the GAYettE recenze

28. july 2011 at 16:01 | Mika

Ano,tentokrát to myslim doopravdy vážně ^ -^

the GayettE - hlavní postavy
Aoi - šéf PS Company. Míval kapelu,ale rozpadla se.
Uruha - chce být pod PSC s kapelou "Alcohol" ,v které je kytarista.Bydlí s Reitou.
Reita - bydlí s Uruhou v jednom bytě.
Ruki - doktor.
Kai- Rukiho zdravotní ... "bratr" ? :D
Yune- doktor a Rukiho dobrá přítel.

a malá ukázka :

Reita měl právě půlnoc. Přišel před dvěma hodinama a usnul před chvílí. Ucítil,jak se na něj někdo sápe a líbá ho na krku. Lechtalo to. Otevřel oči,aby zjistil,co se děje. Uruha. Když zjistil,že je Reita vzhůru,přitiskl mu dlaň na pusu,aby nemohl prostestovat. Reita sebral všechnu síli a vzepřel se. S úspěchem. Potom dal Uruhovi pěstí. Ne moc silně. Uruha se složil zpátky na postel a dál spal.

Bude vycházet každé pondělí. Takže jak tak na to koukam 1.8. se těšte na první díl

the GAYettE

26. july 2011 at 16:14 | Mika
taaak.....už ani nepočítam,kolikrát jsem sem psala,že tu bude nějaká moje FF.....
ale Pozor,vážení,tohle je vážné,leze mi to i do snůů!!!
Hodně se mi stalo,že jsem psala a místo GaZettE jsem napsala GaYettE...muhehe ♥
hodlam to uveřejnit co nedjřív,ale ještě si napíšu abych měla co do zásoby....čekejte jí ještě tento týden!
Zítra bude možná recenze

jinak...je tam i Yune,jinak by chudákovi Kaiovi musel někdo dělat děvku ^^ !!

Nuf ♥

Mika :*

THE KIDDIE new single

26. july 2011 at 15:07 | Mika
THE KIDDIE Announces New Single, “Utsukushiki REDRUM”

"Utsukushiki REDRUM"

release September 28th.
Regulerní verze bude obsahovat pouze CD.
Limitovaná edice A bdue obsahocat DVD s PV a Making OF Utsukushiki REDRUM
Limitovaná edice B bude obsahovat DVD se záznamem z vystoupení v Akasaka BLITZ z 5.21

Isshi ♥

26. july 2011 at 14:47 | Mika |  MICHIKO.

【Kagrra, - Notice of urgent for Isshi】
Kagrra, from 2000 to March 2011, until the end, over 10 years.
Isshi belongs to the PS COMPANY, has passed away on July 18, 2011.
With deepest sympathies We will pray for his soul.


Our dear Isshi....It´s painful...I´m dead from sorrow......

Bože...to je rána....Nejdřív Taiji,teď Isshi....

R.I.P Isshi !!